Postal ProcessingThe largest expense in any mailing operation is the postage. With that in mind APS has developed tools and processes to help limit that spend to a more economic amount. 
As part of that effort APS has developed a Business Relationship Agreement with the USPS®. This entitles APS to work as a Detached Mailing Unit (DMU) on behalf of the USPS®.

In order to accomplish the lowest possible postage rate, APS offers customers:
  • In-house and partnership presort and commingling services.
  • APS processes all files through CASS™ certification software to ensure delivery point validity as well as standardization of the address.
  • All mail pieces are printed in ZIP code sequence as a part of our standard process
  • All customer mail pieces are commingled together in order to achieve maximum ZIP code density discounts.
  • Sort schemes have been programmed into the internal sorting system to sort mail both regionally and nationally.
  • A USPS® representative arrives daily to audit our presort mail through the USPS® MERLIN (Mailing Evaluation Readability Lookup INstrument) system prior to releasing shipments.

Postal Processing Services: